Azure can’t find your Microsoft account

To get access to a Azure subscription with an user account, the account must exist either in your Azure Active Directory (AAD) or as Microsoft account.

This blogpost is about a really annoying thing with Microsoft accounts used in Azure.

Let’s say you created a Microsoft account like and you try to add it to a subscription in Azure and Azure won’t find it!

Classic portal


New portal



Strange isn’t it? First I thought that I had to register my as a Microsoft account in the same way like you do if you’re using a non-Microsoftbased e-mailaddress. But this wasn’t the case – you get the information that your already is an Microsoft account.

So what’s the problem?

Microsoft accounts have a nice feature that make it’s possible to add other e-mailaccounts (aliases) to the actual Microsoft account and log in with those accounts to your Microsoft account.

The thing is that if one of those e-mailaccounts is selected as ”primary e-mailaccount”, it’s address becomes the primary account identifier!

Login at and try to register for an Azure trial subscription, you will get some information about which e-mailaddress that is choosen as your Microsoft account:


So let’s try to add the alias address to the Azure subscription:


And the Microsoft (alias) account is successfully added to your subscription!

Azure can’t find your Microsoft account


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